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Take control of lower back pain

Pelvipro is a breakthrough drug-free treatment for lower back pain that puts YOU in control.

Shown in trials to be effective in reducing or eliminating back pain, this simple device realigns the spine and pelvis, putting the body back in its optimal position and reducing or eliminating pain. If you’ve ever ‘put your back out’, you’ll know how painful it is. Pelvipro helps you put it back in alignment yourself!

Pelvipro is safe, simple to use and effective. It helps relieve lower back pain caused by a range of conditions, including:

• Lumbar strain or sprain • Sciatica • Degenerative process of disc or facets • Herniated disc • Spinal Stenosis • Sacroiliac joint dysfunction • Facet joint stiffness• Scoliosis • Spondylolysis • Presumed instability

Having a Pelvipro device on hand 24/7 enables you to control and reduce your pain at home, at work, on holiday – whenever, wherever.

Watch this video for an introduction to Pelvipro

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Pelvipro is a new, safe, simple and effective treatment which allows you to take control of your back pain.

Order one today and quickly start to benefit from Pelvipro – the figures speak for themselves!

  • 95% of people surveyed experienced an instant relief from pain directly after using Pelvipro
  • 95% reported a reduction in their levels of stress
  • 92% were able to increase their levels of activity and take part in activities that they enjoyed doing e.g. sport, walking and gardening
  • 90% reported an improvement in their ability to sleep
  • 84% reported a reduction in their levels of fear of pain
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We will give you your life back

Get BACK to what you need and want to do!

  • 90% of people surveyed experienced a better night’s sleep when using Pelvipro

  • 92% of Pelvipro users surveyed reported being more able to do the activities that they enjoy doing

  • 95% experienced instant relief from pain straight after using Pelvipro

  • On average people we surveyed who use Pelvipro had a reduction by 74% of overall symptoms

  • A lot of Pelvipro users have taken their device away on holiday with them. Out of everything they own, they deemed Pelvipro an essential item to take up limited suitcase space.

  • When I first used it I couldn’t believe how quickly I was out of pain. Every time my pelvis was out of line I was able to get it back in myself.
  • It is almost like magic. I don't know how it works but it does!
  • I can’t believe that such a simple product gives such a massive benefit. It’s unbelievable.
  • It’s the easiest thing in the world to use, it’s a great design and it just works.
    Andrew London