• Mr. Richard P Baker MBChB, FRCS, MD

    "Having had low back pain persistently for about 2 years a few sessions with the Pelvipro it completely cleared up. Occasionally if it flares up, a couple of days with the Pelvipro exercises always settles it down, a miracle!"

  • Recommended by Doctors

  • Recommended by Physiotherapists

  • Relief is often felt instantly

  • Used as part of an overall rehabilitation programme

  • Used alongside any other treatment

  • Medication Free

Safe, fast, effective relief.

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Safe and beneficial for all forms of mechanical lower back pain.

Is Pelvipro right for your specific problem?

Mechanical lower back pain often presents with pelvic motion dysfunction. Opting for realignment is both safe and advantageous.

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  • Guy Mowbray is one of the UK’s best-known football commentators, covering both domestic and international matches in a 25-year career with, among others, the BBC, ITV and Eurosport. He is now the commentator on BBC's Gladiators.

    I’m now using my Pelvipro, it certainly makes a difference. I’ve also joined a gym and have started going swimming, so Pelvipro is part of a combined approach to helping relieve my back pain. It’s a great warm-up tool for sport, so I use it before I go to the gym or even sometimes before I walk the dog. It does gently get things into the right place.

Gain Control and Confidence to do the Things you Love to do.

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Meet Kieron

He used to live on Ibuprofen and Paracetamol on a daily basis. He was seeing chiropractors and consultants and in his own words "Spending a fortune". He would regularly be off work, often laid up in bed for 3 days at a time. All from doing something as simple as bending down to tie his shoes. These types of episodes could hit at anytime, which lead to extreme fear and anxiety at the thought of when it would hit again.

"It was controlling my life, my personal life, social life, physical life. It was even effecting personal relationships"

This has all changed since using Pelvipro....

"Pelvipro enabled me to take control of the symptoms myself. I was able to manage the pain by dealing with it immediately.

To have a product to take that issue away, is powerful and emotional. Pelvipro has given me control back in my life."

  • Dr Jenny Smailes (GP)

    "I suffered for a number of years with lower back pain. I’ve seen a variety of physiotherapists and tried many different exercises. Since Pelvipro, things have changed! I am now back to running and am working towards my first 10km post children. I’m so pleased and would recommend it to anyone! It was such a good investment."

  • Dr Alex Clifton (GP)

    "Remarkably simple but effective bit of kit! Helps settle any niggles quickly. Useful to use before sports to get things moving right. Well worth the money!"

FREE Back Pain Relief Programme

Completely free of charge help in your own home. Easy to follow step by step programme.

  • Taken to the World Cup by a member of the Australian National Football Team.

  • Used by the Everton Medical Team

  • Used by the Aston Villa Medical Team

How it Works

This very short video shows you exactly how Pelvipro helps your lower back.

  • It may be hard to imagine that a simply designed device such as the Pelvipro can be such a powerful tool that solves back pain so effectively, very reassuring to know it’s there if needed.

    Linda C

  • Years of back pain, years of osteopathy & physio. And then I was recommended to try Pelvipro ... Immense improvements in energy, pain relief & mobility...fitter than ever with this product.

    Sandra B

One Size Fits All

The patented Pelvipro device has been uniquely designed to fit all shapes and sizes.

The angle of the slope on the base and the direction that the handle pushes down has been tried and tested for successful pain relief.
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  • As featured on the BBC Television

  • As featured in the Newspaper

  • As featured on the BBC Radio

Physiotherapists instinctively want to help their patients. The possibility of making a positive impact on your life is what makes us tick. I’ve seen first-hand how debilitating back pain can be for you, not just physically but psychologically too. For the last 20 years my passion and focus has been helping people like yourself recover from lower back pain.

It became clear to me that maintaining alignment of your pelvis was the key to better back health. Alignment gets your pelvis into the optimal position, that puts both the spine and hips into their best position. With this fundamental first step healing and strengthening can occur.

Pelvipro is proudly conceived, designed and manufactured in the UK.

Chris Aldred BSc (Hons) MCSP
Physiotherapist and Inventor of Pelvipro

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  • Features

    Safe and Easy to Use
  • Benefits

    Pelvipro can be used even if you have severe debilitating back pain and you can learn how to use it really quickly.

  • Easily Transportable

  • You never know when pain is going to hit. Take Pelvipro to work, the gym, the golf course, on holiday, anywhere.

  • Drug Free Pain Relief

  • Nobody likes taking medication. With Pelvipro you get no nasty medical side effects, no brain fog or feeling zonked. Pelvipro doesn't mask the pain, it fixes the pain.

  • On hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Back pain can hit at anytime, so to be able to respond quickly gives you reassurance to feel confident and to continue doing the activities you love.
  • Self-management for lower back pain .

  • You don't have to rely on any other person to help you relieve your back pain. Less time and money spent on the treatment table. Gain a greater sense of control over your pain.

Everything to Gain, Nothing to Lose!

Pelvipro is new to the market, we appreciate you may not have heard about us yet.

This is precisely why we've created an unbeatable offer, to give you the confidence to give Pelvipro a try. If we don't reduce your pain, you get 100% of your money back. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

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  • 100 Days Money Back Guarantee

  • Free Delivery

  • Free Returns

  • 2 Years Warranty

  • 100% of your money back if you have no pain relief, no questions asked!

  • 1 x Pelvipro Device

    Our new game changing patented device. Control back pain yourself. Comes with an "Easy set up" user guide.

  • 1 x Back Fit Tool Kit

    The assessment has been designed by our back pain specialist physiotherapist. The rehab exercises have been curated to fit your specific needs. You could only receive this level of knowledge and experience from a physiotherapist.

  • This is an intelligent and effective tool for easing back pain; it puts the means for improved health into the patient's own hands.

    Graham B

  • I have had lower back problems for over 40 years and am not over-optimistic about my chances of eliminating them completely. Nevertheless, since I started using the Pelvipro device 9 months ago, I have had the most sustained period of reduced lower back pain that I can remember.

    David W

  • The pelvipro helps to keep my niggly back in check on a regular basis and means that I have an instant therapy when I put my back out. As a consequence, I do less damage to my back and can get exercising and moving more quickly.

    Nicky A

  • It is almost like magic. I don't know how it works but it does!

    Miles R

  • A godsend! Simple and effective.

    Jason P

  • I have found my Pelvipro to be an invaluable part of my life. I have used it so much and haven’t needed any Physio since I bought it. I use it with yoga as part of my physical wellbeing routine and it is now just part of my life. Thank you!

    Nikki T

  • Has given me back control over any pains and keeps me going :-)

    Evelyne M

  • Since using Pelvipro I have been able to manage my own back pain. Good to know I can use Pelvipro to avoid a slight discomfort becoming a major problem

    June G