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Realignment is beneficial for all types of mechanical lower back pain. It puts your back in the best position to heal and strengthen.

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Pelvipro "Just Works"

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  • You want to reduce or completely stop taking pain killers.
  • You are repetitively spending time and money going to appointments regarding your back pain.
  • You are limiting the activities within your daily life because of fear of the pain worsening or returning.

How it Works

This very short video shows you exactly how Pelvipro helps your lower back.

  • It may be hard to imagine that a simply designed device such as the Pelvipro can be such a powerful tool that solves back pain so effectively, very reassuring to know it’s there if needed.

    Linda C

  • Years of back pain, years of osteopathy & physio. And then I was recommended to try Pelvipro ... Immense improvements in energy, pain relief & mobility...fitter than ever with this product.

    Sandra B

  • When you have lower back pain, muscles around your spine and pelvis slowdown leaving you with impaired co-ordination and control.

  • The muscles work less effectively on the side of pain.

  • Misalignment happens because the pelvis is pulled forward on the affected side.

  • Left untreated the pelvis can be pulled forward by as much as 3cm, leading to inflammation of muscles and ligaments in the back.

Watch the video to find out:

  • What is Pelvipro
  • How it works
  • Hear from the people who have used Pelvipro
  • Meet Chris Aldred the inventor

100 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Made in Yorkshire, UK

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100 Days Money Back Guarantee

Pelvipro costs less than two treatment sessions and takes only a few minutes out of your day. We know how beneficial Pelvipro is to your lower back and we want you to experience that also. That is why we offer such a long money back garauntee if you choose to purchase instead of trialling.

Physiotherapists instinctively want to help their patients. The possibility of making a positive impact on your life is what makes us tick. I’ve seen first-hand how debilitating back pain can be for you, not just physically but psychologically too. For the last 20 years my passion and focus has been helping people like yourself recover from lower back pain.

It became clear to me that maintaining alignment of your pelvis was the key to better back health. Alignment gets your pelvis into the optimal position, that puts both the spine and hips into their best position. With this fundamental first step healing and strengthening can occur.

Pelvipro is proudly conceived, designed and manufactured in the UK.

Chris Aldred BSc (Hons) MCSP
Physiotherapist and Inventor of Pelvipro

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  • This is an intelligent and effective tool for easing back pain; it puts the means for improved health into the patient's own hands.

    Graham B

  • I have had lower back problems for over 40 years and am not over-optimistic about my chances of eliminating them completely. Nevertheless, since I started using the Pelvipro device 9 months ago, I have had the most sustained period of reduced lower back pain that I can remember.

    David W

  • The pelvipro helps to keep my niggly back in check on a regular basis and means that I have an instant therapy when I put my back out. As a consequence, I do less damage to my back and can get exercising and moving more quickly.

    Nicky A

  • It is almost like magic. I don't know how it works but it does!

    Miles R

  • A godsend! Simple and effective.

    Jason P

  • I have found my Pelvipro to be an invaluable part of my life. I have used it so much and haven’t needed any Physio since I bought it. I use it with yoga as part of my physical wellbeing routine and it is now just part of my life. Thank you!

    Nikki T

  • Has given me back control over any pains and keeps me going :-)

    Evelyne M

  • Since using Pelvipro I have been able to manage my own back pain. Good to know I can use Pelvipro to avoid a slight discomfort becoming a major problem

    June G

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