Muscle strain

Muscle strain

Symptoms: Sharp spasming pain which could be anywhere between your mid back and your buttocks, dependent on which muscle has strained.

Reason misalignment is a factor: Muscle strain is a very common form of back pain and often the first one most of us experience. If muscles lengthen for long periods they weaken, if muscles shorten for long periods they tighten, both of these scenarios happen with a misalignment. Weakened or overly tight muscles are more susceptible to strain.

How Pelvipro treats this: Because muscle strain is often the first instance of back pain, it is short lived, however you can be left weakened and we think that this may often be the beginning of your misaligned pattern.  Realignment puts both lengthened and shortened muscles into a much stronger optimal length, reducing the likelihood of tears and calming down any existing aggravation, spasming or tightness. Pelvipro makes caring for your lower back easy. By using Pelvipro you are putting yourself in alignment preventing the accumulation of other issues in your lower back.

“It keeps my back muscles straight and aligned and helps with strength in my core. Using it every day ensures I have no back problems and this had never been the case prior to this. I train my body quite hard generally with aerobic and weight exercises. An injury to my back stops me training which is very frustrating. I never travel without my Pelvipro.”

Alex L