Your lower back is the central hub of your body. It is made up of a sophisticated network of ligaments and muscles that absorb, direct and manage forces as you move.
Misalignment, creates new, unwanted pathways of force within your lower back. These forces travel through ligaments and other structures that are not equipped to manage these demands, causing injury and back pain over time.

Why is Pelvipro helpful:

Pelvipro puts your pelvis into its best position, and in so doing, aligns your spine, allowing the ligaments and structures around your back to perform their job of protecting your body from everyday stresses and strains.

How Pelvipro treats this:

Pelvipro’s unique design understands human anatomy. The base is perfectly angled to tilt your pelvis backwards, engaging key muscles like glutes and abdominals to adopt the desired pattern of movement. It is known as enhancing good neuromuscular control.