Symptoms: Sharp stabbing pain or deep ache from the buttock down the leg, it can also be a burning, pins and needles or fizzing sensation.

Reason misalignment is a factor: Your piriformis is a muscle that externally rotates your hip. Misalignment can overly stretch the piriformis muscle. Your sciatic nerve runs very close to the piriformis and for about 15% of the population through it. This means that any deviation can result in compression of your sciatic nerve between your piriformis and the bony pelvis.
Note:  Sciatica is an umbrella term like “headache” there are many causes of a headache and in the same way many causes of sciatica. Disc bulges compressing the spinal nerve root can be another cause. (Please see Disc bulge/trapped nerve icon on home page)

How Pelvipro treats this: Pelvipro gently and safely aligns the pelvis, resulting in the hip joints returning to a more neutral position, piriformis loosens in response to the new position, reducing compressive forces on the sciatic nerve between the muscle and the pelvic bone.

“It maintains zero symptoms of SI joint/sciatic pain. This allows me to get on with life and exercise without always worrying I'm going to start feeling pain again and hence have to stop.”

Richard C