Ligament sprain

Ligament sprain

Symptoms: Episodes that come and go of very specific localised pain in the arch of your back or at the top of your buttocks, muscle tightness can also be present.

Reason misalignment is a factor: Ligaments join bone to bone and stabilise joints. One commonly sprained ligament in the lower back is the iliolumbar ligament. This attaches from the pelvis to the bottom 2 vertebra in the spine. Misalignment starts pulling the spine to one side, excessively stretching the ligaments as the vertebra move away from the pelvis, causing inflammation, pain, ache or tightness.

How Pelvipro treats this: Pelvipro is perfectly safe to use at home and will comfortably reposition your pelvis on top of your hip joints, returning your spine to its strongest position. Your ligament is no longer excessively stretched, reducing inflammation, relieving pain, achiness and stiffness.

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Alex C (Occupation – GP)