Pain over a period of time causes key muscles to function inefficiently, resulting in weakness. Muscles like gluteus maximus and your deeper abdominal muscles help the ligaments in your lower back to stabilise against the large forces that travel through your back daily. If these muscles are weak the ligaments become overwhelmed and start to inflame. At the same time other muscles try and compensate but are too small to deal with this new role, they also become overwhelmed and eventually inflame.


Why is Pelvipro helpful:

Pelvipro can stop pain immediately and stop it coming back. Every time you use your Pelvipro you are putting your pelvis into its strongest position, this releases the compressed, stretched, weakened structures around your lower back, creating the environment for healing and reduced inflammation. This can cause the muscles to be more effective and naturally strengthen. It will also strengthen a deeper spinal stabilising muscle called iliopsoas, this helps protect both your discs and facet joints. 


How Pelvipro treats this:

The rotating ball positions the handle across your pelvis, the angle and downward pressure applied from the handle creates a safe, effective force which leverages the pelvis backwards. The angle of the base maintains the backwards pelvic rotation. As you manoeuvre your leg, the backwards positioned pelvis encourages optimal condition for these key muscles to activate and strengthen.