BBC's Hit TV Show Gladiators, Beating Back Pain and Guy Mowbray

BBC's Hit TV Show Gladiators, Beating Back Pain and Guy Mowbray


If you have back pain, this Gladiatorial story might help.  

Gladiators is back on our TV screens after 25 years. A lot has changed since it first aired in 1992. When Ulrika Johnson, John Fashanu, Wolf and Jet first hit our screens.

Guy Mowbray is the commentator for the new revamped BBC hit show. 

Guy Mowbray is one of the UK’s best-known football commentators, covering both domestic and international matches in a 25-year career with, among others, the BBC, ITV and Eurosport and now Gladiators. A keen amateur cricketer, Guy lives in York and was a lower back pain sufferer. He has discovered the benefits of Pelvipro.  In an interview he kindly gave, he says:

“A few years ago, when I’d just turned 44, I started getting lower back pain. It stemmed from the wear and tear of playing cricket, not from any specific injury. I went to see a chiropractor for a year or so and it sort of got better in the short term after every visit.

“The chiropractor recommended I go for a scan, so I paid for one at the University of York. They told me that my back was more akin to that of someone in their 60s, which was very alarming. I knew I had a bit of back pain, but I didn’t feel it was that bad! So I went to my GP for a second opinion and he said my back was perfectly normal.

“My GP suggested I see a specialist, so I travelled to Hull and paid to see one privately. He said I had a lost a bottom disc, and the one above it was bulging, and that I would need a couple of operations. Taking steroids was among other options he suggested, which I wasn’t really happy about.

“A couple of months later, I happened to be listening to Radio York and, purely by chance, I heard Chris Aldred talking about Pelvipro. He was preparing to launch the product at the Yorkshire Business Market. He was talking about his work as a physiotherapist treating patients with lower back pain, and how he had invented Pelvipro to complement the treatment he was giving them.

“I thought, hang on a minute, that sounds exactly like the pain I’m having! So I looked Chris up and found out that he was based locally, in Harrogate. I called him and arranged for an appointment, saying that Pelvipro sounded like the thing I needed to use.

“At the first appointment, as soon as I stood in front of the mirror and went up and down with bent knees, Chris said: ‘You don’t need an operation.’ He corrected the asymmetry in my spine, and began physiotherapy sessions to remove scar tissue and build up strength. He also gave me a Pelvipro to use at home.

“In the first few weeks of using the device, I started to notice a change. The improvement can sometimes be gradual and the treatment so unobtrusive, you don’t always immediately notice the difference it’s making.

“I’m now using my Pelvipro on and off. I keep going back to it, and whenever I do use it, it certainly makes a difference. I’m still having physiotherapy, and I’ve also joined a gym and have started going swimming, so Pelvipro is part of a combined approach to helping relieve my back pain. It’s a great warm-up tool for sport, so I use it before I go to the gym or even sometimes before I walk the dog. It does gently get things into the right place. It’s all about doing everything together, bit by bit, and not expecting miracles.

“We start training again for the cricket season in the first week of February, and I’m going to give it a go to see if I can do it. I’m pretty hopeful. I used to look in the mirror and be able to see I was ‘twisted’. Ever since having physiotherapy from Chris, getting realigned and using Pelvipro, I’ve had less back pain.”

This interview was done around the time Pelvipro was launched. We get such amazing feedback. Stories like Guy's and how he has improved through using Pelvipro is very common, we hear this all the time. My advice would be, why not be one of these people? We offer 100 days money back guarantee and it is very safe to use no matter the severity of your back pain. What do you have to lose? Buy Now or ask Chris a question here


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