Disc Resolution

Disc bulge/trapped nerve

Symptoms: Pain, pins and needles or tingling usually felt in lower back, buttock and/or down the leg.

Reason misalignment is a factor: Your pelvis is the foundation to your spine, wherever the pelvis points the spine follows. Misalignment can result in more weight being pushed over to one side of the spine than the other. Discs in your spine can wear due to this excessive weight down one side, leading to bulging or full herniation (often called a slipped disc), which can compress the nerve. Aggravation of the nerve can be felt as pain in your back and can travel all the way down to your foot.

How Pelvipro treats this: Using Pelvipro brings your pelvis back into alignment, which in turn distributes weight through your spine evenly. This reduces the pressure on the compressed nerves, relieving symptoms and encouraging your back to heal.

Note: Pelvipro is also of benefit after spinal surgery, always consult your Physician.

“When my pelvis is out of alignment it manifests in a pain through my left leg which at times is unbearable. Once I use the Pelvipro the relief is incredible”

Alison K

Sciatic Nerve Stretch

This is a very commonly used exercise. It flosses the sciatic nerve within the body. Where the nerve has been tethered or compressed, this exercise is designed to mobilise and work it free.

Piriformis Stretch

This stretch focuses on stretching the piriformis muscle. However, if the pelvis is misaligned after a short period of time the piriformis simply tightens back up.

Tell us about your back pain and/or sciatica? Do these exercises help? Is there anything more we can help you with?

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