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Pelvipro Device + Assessment, Rehab Programme, Diagnostic Report


1 x Pelvipro Device 

Our new game changing device. Control back pain yourself. Comes with an "Easy set up" user guide. Usual retail price is £89.99, our limited time sale price is £79.99.  

Sale also includes:

Free Back Pain Assessment and a Tailored Rehabilitation Programme

The assessment has been designed by our back pain specialist physiotherapist. The rehab exercises have been curated to fit your specific needs. You could only receive this level of knowledge and experience from a physiotherapist. Usual cost is £29.99, yours for free when you purchase a Pelvipro device. 

Our Promise

100 Days Money Back Guarantee

Free Delivery

Free Returns

2 Years Warranty

100% of your money back if you have no pain relief, no questions asked!

What is Pelvipro?

Pelvipro is an innovative treatment for lower back pain. It is drug-free, easy to use and proven to be highly effective in reducing or eliminating back pain.

Pelvipro is portable and can be taken on holiday or to work, to relieve pain when required. It can also be used as a warm-up tool for sport or exercise.

Pelvipro was designed and developed by experienced UK physiotherapist Chris Aldred. After many years treating patients for lower back pain, he realised everyone of his lower back pain patients were demonstrating a misalignment and it was this that was prolonging their back pain. 

How does Pelvipro work?

Pelvipro works to redirect the forces acting between your lumbar spine, pelvis and hips, to ensure the correct structures are doing the correct job. Switch off pain and you’ll switch on your stabilising muscles.

Why should I believe that Pelvipro is any more effective than other treatments for lower back pain?

The Pelvipro treatment process has been designed by a physiotherapist with a passion and ability for getting lower back pain better.

The treatment allows you to select and maintain your body’s optimum position, which protects soft tissue that causes the lower back pain. It also reduces muscle inhibition (switching off), especially in the core muscles.

It puts you in control and allows you to get back to doing the things you love.

Does it work?

Comments from our trial patients include:

I can’t believe that such a simple product gives such a massive benefit. It’s unbelievable. Diane

It’s the easiest thing in the world to use, it’s a great design and it just works. Andrew

When I first used it I couldn’t believe how quickly I was out of pain. Every time my pelvis was out of line I was able to get it back in myself. Krista

Key statistics from our trials:

95% experienced instant relief from pain directly after using Pelvipro

95% reported a reduction in their levels of stress

92% were able to increase their levels of activity and take part in activities that they enjoyed, eg sport, walking, gardening

90% reported an improvement in their ability to sleep

Guarantee and instructions

Pelvipro comes with a 24 month guarantee. You will also receive simple-to-follow instructions on how to use Pelvipro correctly.

Additional resources

An instructional video on using the device, as well as exercise videos to help with lower back problems.

Delivery information

Purchase price includes postage and packaging to UK addresses.

We offer this service to compliment the unbelievable results Pelvipro achieves. Purchase of a Pelvipro is not necessary however it does provide the equivalent of hands on physiotherapy that is usually missed via a telephone consultation. Why not take advantage of our 100 days money back guarantee and experience the full benefit of the telephone consultation.