Why Are Elite Athletes Choosing Pelvipro?

Why Are Elite Athletes Choosing Pelvipro?

The benefits of Pelvipro with regards to sports performance have now been recognised at a professional level. Used at both Aston Villa and Everton. Introduced by their physiotherapist's to their players.  

One of the players benefitted from Pelvipro so much, he took it to the World Cup Finals, where he captained the Australian International team, The Soccer Roos. At an elite level, these incremental improvements are crucial for maintaining peak physical condition and achieving optimal performance.

The importance of alignment is not only limited to elite athletes. Golf, gym, cycling, hiking are just some of the activities that benefit from Pelvipro. Enhancing performance, protecting against the additional stresses and strains giving you increased enjoyment of the activities you love to do. 

So how can Pelvipro, which is essentially a device to treat and relieve lower back pain, also help top professionals as well as amateurs warm-up for sport and perform to their best abilities?


Pelvipro realigns the pelvis, which puts you in the correct left/right balance and, in turn, puts your spine and hips in their optimal position. This offers maximum range of the joints and enables the muscles to work at their most efficient – and therefore effective – length. This means that sports men and women experience that little bit extra performance.

As well as being used as a recuperative measure for people who already have some level of back pain, Pelvipro also works as a preventative measure to build up muscle strength and halt the onset of back pain during activity.

It works well in preparation for all sports, and can be particularly helpful for golfers, for whom there’s a great emphasis on setting their body position first. And, because it’s portable, Pelvipro can be packed in to the golf bag alongside the clubs and taken around the course for use whenever it’s needed!

Professional advice – such as was published by The Lancet – encourages people with back pain to continue with their normal activities and exercise as much as possible. But this can prove difficult in reality. Many of the people who use Pelvipro have told us it has helped them get back to doing sports and exercise that they had previously found difficult or impossible because of their lower back pain.

One of these is sports commentator and amateur cricketer Guy Mowbray. Like the Australian footballer, Pelvipro helped Guy work in comfort, albeit in a different capacity at the World Cup, where he covered matches for the BBC. Read his testimonial on how Pelvipro has helped him continue doing the sport he loves here.

The Aussie World Cup squad, two top UK football clubs and an amateur cricketer have all seen the benefits of using Pelvipro to enhance their sports performance. Why not give it a go and discover how it can help you enjoy sport and exercise?

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