The C-Words Relieving Lower Back Stiffness

The C-Words Relieving Lower Back Stiffness

Stiff, achy lower back? Try this....

Discover greater ease in the lumbar region, with our C-worded exercise sequence....The 4 C's.

This is the best exercise we know to move the lumbar facet joints through their entire forward and backwards range of motion. 



Facet joints are flattened bits of bone on one vertebra that slide over another flattened bit of bone on the neighboring vertebra. These flattened bony parts are closely situated. Inflammation can be likened to glue pouring into the area. These flat, close components easily become stuck together.

(The close proximity of the two adjacent bones is evident in the image above.)

Prolonged muscle tightness pull the bones together giving the glue (inflammation) a better opportunity to stick. Think about when you glue 2 things together:

  1. Find 2 flat pieces to stick together.
  2. Add the glue.
  3. Hold the 2 parts together. 
  4. Hold until the glue is set. 

 Sound familiar??

Whenever there is inflammation and muscle tightness in the spine, this situation arises.

The 4C's 

It's time to reverse this situation using the 4C's. This series of stretches involves sliding the flattened bony areas over one another, from one extreme side to the other. Each movement helps break down the glue-like adhesions.

The four stretches all beginning with the letter "C" are: 

  • Cobra 
  • Childs pose 
  • Cat stretch
  • Cow stretch

If you practice Yoga or Pilates, you're not only familiar with each of these poses, but you've also performed them countless times. Their frequent use is no coincidence; these poses are proven to be effective!

Please watch this video below, to learn exactly how its done.


x1 Sequence - You have a severe, easily aggravated lower back problem.

x 3 Sequence - If your lower back problem is not overly reactive and you are generally active.  

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