Your pelvis is balanced on top of your hip joints. If muscles weaken or tighten on one side, this pulls you into a misaligned position. Muscles both weaken and tighten during back pain, this is why misalignment is so common.

Why is Pelvipro helpful:

Not only does Pelvipro give you the ability to put your back in its best position, it gives you the control to keep it there. Due to weakness and tightness caused by back pain your muscles are less effective at holding you in that aligned position. Every single use of Pelvipro ensures your pelvis is realigned. Within a short period of time your muscles become more effective at automatically maintaining your best position to deal with everyday stresses and strains.

How Pelvipro treats this:

Every pelvis is different, that’s why Pelvipro’s unique rotating ball and adjustable arm mechanism has been designed. The ball and arm make it easy to correctly angle your Pelvipro across your hip. The adjustable arm comfortably holds your pelvis in place and offers the most effective angle of safe corrective force. The positioning of your Pelvipro disrupts the pattern of misalignment and simultaneously reactivates the key muscles that maintain your strongest, aligned position.