Facet Resolution

Facet joint

Symptoms: Pain, ache or stiffness in the arch of the back (lumbar region), centrally or to one side. The muscles around the spine often become tightened.

Reason misalignment is a factor: The joints between the vertebrae of the spine are known as facet joints. They are on either side of the spine and give our backs their range of motion.  In misalignment the pelvis directs the spine more to one side, this can cause the facet joints to tighten on the side that the spine has been directed. Tightened facet joints can eventually inflame, causing pain and muscle tightness.

How Pelvipro treats this: Pelvipro aligns your pelvis, directing the spine more centrally, loosening facet joints that were previously tight. The facet joints open up, increasing flexibility, relaxing the muscles and relieving symptoms.

“This has been a life changer for me. Everyone who has experienced back pain should have one.”

Jane K