Symptoms: Pain, ache or stiffness just above your buttock on one side or even both sides of your body. It is also possible to experience pain or an ache in the buttock, groin or down the thigh.

Reason misalignment is a factor: The pelvis is a ring shape, that is balanced on top of your hip joints, it consists of 3 bones, two pelvic bones and the sacrum (tailbone). The sacroiliac joint joins the pelvic bone to the sacrum and is surrounded by some of the strongest ligaments in the body, making it very stable where little movement takes place, they do however, naturally loosen and tighten.

Misalignment causes one side of the pelvis to move forward and the other side to move backward. The side of the pelvis held forward causes the sacroiliac joint to slacken and prevents it from properly tightening and this effect is reversed on the opposite side of the body leaving the sacroiliac joint tightened and unable to slacken.  Either scenario can cause inflammation of the surrounding ligaments or the joint itself.

How Pelvipro treats this: Pelvipro not only safely aligns your pelvis every time you use it, it trains you to stay in alignment. Meaning your pelvis returns to a central position on top of your hip joints. The sacroiliac joints can now unwind and loosen when more flexibility is required and tighten when more stability is needed. A reduction of inflammation occurs as the joints are functioning correctly, reducing pain, aching and stiffness.

“It has totally cured my sacroiliac pain”

Barbera H

“I was in despair and using it made an immediate and lasting improvement. Excellent”

Maureen S