• Mr Richard P Baker MBChB, FRCS, MD

    "Having had low back persistently for about 2 years a few sessions with the Pelvipro it completely cleared up. Occasionally if it flares up, a couple of days with the Pelvipro exercises always settles it down, a miracle!"

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Back Pain can take the joy out of life

You change position all the time to get comfortable

87% of the back pain sufferers we surveyed said "I have to change my position frequently to stay comfortable."

You avoid heavy jobs

87% of the back pain sufferers we surveyed avoided heavy lifting throughout their life.

You limit doing fun activities

92% of Pelvipro users reported an improvement in being able to do the activities that they enjoy.

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Meet Kieron

He used to live on Ibuprofen and Paracetamol on a daily basis. He was seeing chiropractors and consultants and in his own words "Spending a fortune". He would regularly be off work, often laid up in bed for 3 days at a time.
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Drug Free

Having an item on your bedside table that can quickly relieve pain has a significant positive emotional impact. Discover how this aids in healing...

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  • Dr Jenny Smailes (GP)

    "I suffered for a number of years with lower back pain. I’ve seen a variety of physiotherapists and tried many different exercises. Since Pelvipro, things have changed! I am now back to running and am working towards my first 10km post children. I’m so pleased and would recommend it to anyone! It was such a good investment."

  • Dr Alex Clifton (GP)

    "Remarkably simple but effective bit of kit! Helps settle any niggles quickly. Useful to use before sports to get things moving right. Well worth the money!"

  • Recommended by Doctors

  • Recommended by Physiotherapists

  • Relief is often felt instantly

  • Used as part of an overall rehabilitation programme

  • Used alongside any other treatment

  • Medication Free

  • Taken to the World Cup by a member of the Australian National Football Team.

  • Used by the Everton Medical Team

  • Used by the Aston Villa Medical Team

Guy Mowbray Uses Pelvipro

The voice of your Saturday night, has been helped by Pelvipro. He is the commentator on both BBC's hit TV shows Gladiators and Match of the Day.

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  • As featured on the BBC Television

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  • Back Fit Tool Kit

    A physio lead, step by step programme. Guiding you from debilitating back pain to free, easy, comfortable movement.

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  • 100% of your money back if you have no pain relief, no questions asked!

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