What is Pelvipro?

It is a simple, safe and effective treatment for lower back pain in which the patient is able to manage their own condition in consultation with an accredited physiotherapist. The treatment usually comprises:

  • Assessment of condition – 3 simple tests
  • Consultation with physiotherapist
  • Instruction in use of Pelvipro tool
  • Loan/purchase of Pelvipro tool
  • Repeat consultation(s) with physiotherapist

Each patient also completes a questionnaire before and during the course of treatment which details their case history and measures improvement in their condition. They see the improvement made in their personal Recovery Tracker on the website.

Why do I need to be accredited?

Pelvipro is a patented tool which is only available to accredited physiotherapists and approved occupational health practitioners. Accreditation gives you exclusive rights within your area and an opportunity to become the locally recognised specialist in the treatment of back pain. The accreditation process gives everyone confidence that the treatment is being applied consistently.

Is it available on the NHS?

Not yet but we are currently working to get CCGs to participate in trials with GPs to refer patients to accredited physiotherapists. There are significant cost savings to be made by the NHS in treatment and prescribed pain relief.

Is it covered by health plan insurance?

Yes, and we are in active discussion for insurers to promote its use because the ongoing cost to them of ineffective treatment is huge.

If the treatment is so effective will I not lose business in the long run?

It is true that most patients will require less long term treatment with Pelvipro but many now stop having treatment because they think it is ineffective, time consuming or expensive – they just live with pain and stop doing things they used to enjoy. Being the accredited Pelvipro physiotherapist in your area will allow you to increase business with a wider range of patients.

How big is my geographic area?

We plan to allocate areas on the basis of available population and are looking for physiotherapy practices which serve populations of about 100,000. For example, in Yorkshire we have identified about 50 centres that might be suitable. With so many adults suffering back pain, there are plenty of potential patients to go round.

What is involved in getting the accreditation?

  1. Complete a registration form for a training event (usually within an hour’s travel time from your practice or, for multi-physio practices, it will be held at your clinic)
  2. You receive a link to further information relevant to the Pelvipro treatment
  3. Submit questions to your nominated trainer
  4. Attend the training event (1-2 hours) at which you will learn how to conduct the diagnostic tests, use the treatment, what ongoing support is available and have all your questions answered. It is useful to have a patient available for the last 15 minutes of the event.
  5. Going back to your business with a support pack and 5 Pelvipro devices on loan
  6. When you have treated 5 patients and they have purchased a Pelvipro device you will receive a top-up loan stock and your accreditation certificate

What does it cost?

We want to encourage physios to learn about the treatment, experience its simplicity and effectiveness, and see the benefits for their patients. The only cost to you is investing time in properly understanding the treatment and in promoting it to your clients.

We are a multi-physiotherapist practice, do they all need accreditation?

You (and your business) carry the main accreditation and you must maintain the professional standards expected. We would anticipate that anyone within your practice who will be treating back pain patients will have done the training. You may want to allocate responsibility for training new employees to one of your senior physiotherapists. The training videos and materials will continue to be available to you online after the training event.

If a physiotherapist leaves the practice, do they take accreditation with them?

The accreditation is granted to the practice, not the individual (unless they are a sole trader). If someone leaves, they will need to apply for a separate accreditation in the name of their new business.

Is there any legal agreement?

In the interests of accredited Pelvipro physiotherapists and Pelvipro Limited we shall set out in clear terms what is expected of everyone in our business relationship. This will include among other things maintaining standards, product availability, client confidentiality, and available support.

Once I’m accredited, what then?

Once you are accredited, when we receive an enquiry from a new patient in your area, we can refer them to you. Apart from being really busy helping clients get their lives back, you will be helping to build a national brand. We will be collecting data from the client surveys to feed back to accredited physiotherapists. This data will support local and national marketing as well as helping you match your performance against the national standard. 

Through a secure area on our website, accredited physiotherapists can also share experiences between themselves so that all benefit from the experiences of others.

Based upon experience we shall, over time, develop a series of additional services which will help you to improve your business. These might include business management issues as well as those related to back care. For example, you might want to employ additional therapists or enter into partnership to grow your business.

You will be given a Professional Support Manager who will be available to answer questions.

Pelvipro – The simple, safe and effective way to give back wellbeing.

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