Talking About Back Pain

Talking About Back Pain

Day in, day out, back pain can feel like it never goes away. As trained physiotherapists, we not only have to understand what the body might show us, but also how a patient communicates their pain. Listening to patients and reviewing their symptoms is precisely why Chris came up with the idea for Pelvipro in the first place: to offer an easy to use, portable device that can quickly reduce lower back pain, and give control and confidence back to the sufferer.

But how do we understand pain?

The language of pain is complicated. Take a moment to consider the last time you were in pain. How did it feel? Are you in pain now; how do you feel?

How did you answer that question? Did your answer begin: ‘It feels like…’

Like. We find it so difficult to say how pain exactly feels we have to explain it through similes – through what it is like, and not necessarily what it is. We might also respond emotionally to pain: it makes us feel tired, or irritable (or both). The language of pain seems to circle round the issue and never precisely explaining how pain is felt.

Around the launch of Pelvipro we got on Facebook to ask our followers how they understand their pain. We wanted to revisit this because their responses were powerful, and showed how debilitating pain was for them:

“I feel tired most of the time”

“I feel useless”

“feel like no one understands”

Showing their responses in a word cloud helps the most commonly used words to stand out:


Talking about back pain Pelvipro

  • Some of the responses we received were thoughtfully prepared and eloquently put: pain had changed their lives so dramatically, they needed time to write an appropriately considered response.
  • Some were more visceral, often monosyllabic. Stabbing 4-letter-words that highlight the impetuous nature of pain.
  • It was interesting to read the responses that suggested how patients’ back pain was affecting their mental health too.

Everyone understands the notion of pain, but pain will be felt differently by different people. That further complicates how you articulate your pain. If people in your life – socially or professionally- don’t understand how your pain affects you, your relationships with them might be hurt too. Suddenly, physical pain can be seen to infiltrate many aspects of your life and create more issues than the original injury might suggest.

If you suffer from back pain and are interested to discover if Pelvipro could be for you – do get in touch.
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