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Pelvipro Reviews

Diane, Andrew, Graeme and Krista give their views on the Pelvipro:

Does it work?

I can’t believe that such a simple product gives such a massive benefit. It’s unbelievable. Diane

It’s the easiest thing in the world to use, it’s a great design and it just works. Andrew

It’s not a miracle cure where suddenly, right, that’s it, you’re sorted. Each time you use it you’re getting a bit better. Graeme

When I first used it I couldn’t believe how quickly I was out of pain. Every time my pelvis was out of line I was able to get it back in myself. Krista

Pelvipro reviews

Where do you use it?

It’s my sidekick – I take it everywhere I go. Krista

It’s going to go straight into my gym bag. As a warm-up exercise – less than a minute or two to do – to make sure everything is absolutely in place. Graeme

I just love having Pelvipro in my home but not only that, I took it on holiday recently. Diane

I had to drive quite a long distance. As soon as I got to the hotel it was out of the bag, used it and straight away it began to ease the discomfort. Andrew

How did you feel about your back pain?

Emotionally, I would become a little short tempered especially towards the end of the day when it was bad and I wasn’t sleeping very well. Andrew

I get fearful of back pain because I’m a very active person. Is my back going to stop me doing what I want to do? Diane

I’m thinking, I can’t go through the rest of my life like this, not knowing when I’m next going to be bed bound. Graeme

I was petrified of not being able to look after my children and being in a wheelchair by the time I was 40 or 45. Krista

Pelvipro reviews

What difference has Pelvipro made to you?

The effect that it has once the condition improves is dramatic. You begin to enjoy life again. You do all the things you want to do. Andrew

I suppose it’s that reassurance that when you’re doing your exercises everything is in the right place so the exercises you’re doing actually benefit you. Graeme

I know that, should I do something silly like twist with the shopping, then I’ve got a solution and it’s the Pelvipro. Diane

Having it with me means that I am not afraid that something is going to go wrong that I can’t fix. It just means that I have got control again, whereas before I didn’t have control. I’ve gone from being depressed and thinking that I’m never going to get better to not even thinking about it every day now. Krista

….and finally!

To go from not being able to get a 6 week old baby out of her crib to feed her and now we go out and I pick her up and swing her round. We just play all day. That to me is just incredible! Krista

When I first started using Pelvipro I thought it was a bit gimmicky. Now, irrespective of whether I’ve got pain or not I use it and keep everything as it should be. Graeme

If you alleviate your back pain your quality of life improves dramatically. Having control over your back pain is one of the greatest things you can have. Andrew

From the first time I started using Pelvipro I cannot believe the difference it has made. This is just my hero. I just love it! Diane

Pelvipro reviews

And there’s more!

I was in despair and using it made an immediate and lasting improvement. Excellent! Maureen

Brilliant, it has really helped reduce my constant daily pain and stress levels hugely. Very easy to use. If it helps keep everything in alignment to stop further episodes then it is worth spending the time everyday using it. Jane

To have a device at home to eliminate pain immediately is a great idea. Katie

The device is really easy to use, small enough to take away with me. I think it is very valuable to be able to help yourself when you feel your back needs putting back in place. Sarah

The device gave me the ability to control and improve my own pain. Mel

The device was very easy to use and resolved my back pain. It is small enough to transport; I took it on holiday. It can be used almost anywhere. Sarah

It got me out of a rut and back leading a normal life. I didn’t realise what a negative impact the pain had made on me until my children commented that they were glad to see me taking part in activities and being happy again. Katrin

Comments from a survey of Pelvipro users, August 2018:

“I have had lower back problems for over 40 years and am not over-optimistic about my chances of eliminating them completely. Nevertheless, since I started using the Pelvipro device nine months ago, I have had the most sustained period of reduced lower back pain that I can remember. I shall certainly continue to use it in combination with my regular sporting activities and hope that the benefits will continue.”

“I have found Pelvipro indispensable in controlling the back pain and sciatica which previously dominated my life.”

“When my father was in hospital, I was unable to make my physiotherapy appointments. Being able to use Pelvipro was a life – or should I say back – saver!”

“With Pelvipro I can get on with my life without the constant worry of aggravating my back further.”

“So easy to use and very effective – thank you.”

“Using the Pelvipro combined with the exercises Chris advised me to do has meant I haven’t had back trouble for ages. Many thanks.”

“It is almost like magic. I don’t know how it works but it does!”

“Am able to sort out my own back problems anywhere.”

“I find Pelvipro very helpful. I have far more confidence and this helps me continue my exercises.”

“Amazing product. I have used Pelvipro regularly for nearly a year now. Straight away after using it I feel more energized, motivated and pain free.”

“It’s brilliant. I wish I’d have bought one as soon as I had my twins and not waited nearly 10 months! Best purchase I’ve made all year.”

“When I travel, my Pelvipro travels!”

“Its been great and really helps my movement.”

“Pelvipro has helped me over the last six weeks by realigning my pelvis to avoid me getting the recurrent hip and knee pain I kept suffering from when I ran long distances. I am now training for a marathon so I will keep using it to prevent injuries.”

“I wouldn’t like to be without my Pelvipro. Any stiffness in my back is quickly resolved after use. Quick and effective!”

“No problems with my back since I started using Pelvipro.”

“I always use it if I feel a twinge.”

“It’s great to be able to talk through use of Pelvipro with Chris, as well as having the on-line support. Regular usage has helped strengthen my back and legs.”

“Having suffered frequently with lower back pain resulting in regular visits to the physio, by using my Pelvipro this is now reduced significantly. I now only require maintenance visits rather than pain management visits, allowing me to get on with life and enjoy the activities I have always enjoyed!”

“I love it. Thank you.”

“It’s worked very well for me and I would highly recommend to anyone with back pain.”

“Using Pelvipro has made me feel in control. This has contributed to a more positive outlook on my musculoskeletal issues and has definitely contributed to my overall wellbeing.”

“It is a useful tool and a helpful insurance in the event of sudden problems.”

“A godsend! Simple and effective.”

“Has given me back control over any pains and keeps me going.”