Therapy Expo and HSBC pop-up: Bringing our innovative back pain treatment to a wider audience

Therapy Expo and HSBC pop-up: Bringing our innovative back pain treatment to a wider audience

We’ve been working hard to make our breakthrough treatment for lower back pain available to even more physios and patients. So the last month or so has been very exciting for us for a number of reasons!

It all started when we received our first complete batch of Pelvipro devices from the manufacturer. This was a really momentous occasion for us, as it was the culmination of a lot of hard work over many years to refine the treatment to make it as user-friendly and effective as possible.

Armed with our new product, we then prepared to visit two events which turned out to be highly successful in allowing us to demonstrate the product for the first time to a wider audience beyond our trial patients and growing network of accredited physios.

The first event was the Therapy Expo on November 22 and 23. The expo is one of the most popular in the UK, so we were delighted to be part of it and to have the opportunity to show off Pelvipro and its benefits. We had a stand complete with treatment couch, and spent the two days demonstrating Pelvipro and discussing it in more detail with therapy professionals including physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, and those working in sports therapy.

The feedback for Pelvipro was really positive, with many therapists fascinated by the simplicity of the treatment. One physio even commented: “Pelvipro is the best product at the Expo for patient benefit and efficacy.” Praise indeed!

We also added three new physios to our network of Pelvipro accredited physiotherapists, along with a chiropractor and a further three potential registrations. Physiotherapists are a key focus for us, as we recommend that Pelvipro is used alongside physiotherapy.

A week after the Therapy Expo, we demonstrated the treatment to potential patients in our home town of Harrogate as part of HSBC bank’s ‘pop-up’ initiative to promote small businesses. We’re hoping to spread the Pelvipro message not just to physios but also to anyone who suffers from lower back pain, so this was a great platform for us. Pelvipro was developed by founder Chris using his decades of experience working as an MSK physiotherapist. Chris’s focus was to hand control of pain back to his patients. Pelvipro can be used any time and any place to relieve lower back pain. In trials it has been shown to not only alleviate physical symptoms, but also to help reduce fear and anxiety about the pain.

Our team demonstrated Pelvipro and talked to customers about how it could help alleviate their lower back pain. Again, it proved a really successful event in helping to spread the word about what Pelvipro is and how it can benefit back pain sufferers. We had interest not just from the bank’s customers but also from the staff, with three employees taking to the couch for a demonstration with Chris. One lady bought a device, and was pleasantly surprised to find that she can also access extra resources on the patient area of our website, such as video exercises. We also had an interesting discussion with her daughter, who is vet, about some of the anatomical issues of asymmetry and similar complaints in dogs, particularly pure breeds.

The remaining devices from our first batch have been distributed among our network of accredited physiotherapists, their patients and other sufferers who have requested one. Unfortunately, we’ve had more requests from people wishing to get their hands on a Pelvipro than we have devices available, but they’ll be first in line for the second batch, which is in production as we speak! If you’re interested in adding your name to the list, please do register your interest here if you’re a physio and here if you’re a back pain sufferer. We do recommend that you use Pelvipro in conjunction with physiotherapy sessions, so please contact us too if you’d like us to put you in touch with an accredited physio near where you live.

So it’s been a really busy time for us – but very exciting too! We’re hoping to continue spreading the word about the benefits of Pelvipro, helping as many people as possible to find some relief from lower back pain.

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