The New Back Pain Treatment That’s Got Physios Talking

The New Back Pain Treatment That’s Got Physios Talking

Low back pain affects around 80% of people at some point in their lifetime which is why a new drug-free treatment developed in the UK has caught the attention of physiotherapists around the world.

Pelvipro was developed in Yorkshire by physiotherapist Chris Aldred as a simple, safe and effective treatment that puts power back in the control of the patient.

The ball and lever device has been shown in trials to be 100 per cent effective in correcting an asymmetry of the pelvis in patients with musculoskeletal (MSK) low back pain.

Physiotherapists see significant numbers of patients come through their door every year with musculoskeletal low back pain and an increasing number of these cases are being referred by employee health schemes in an attempt to tackle the loss of nearly 10 million work days due to back pain related absence.

It’s little wonder then that physiotherapists in the UK and overseas are showing a real interest in Pelvipro.

The device was launched in April with the initial roll out involving 20 physiotherapists who received special training to become accredited.

Requests are now being taken from physiotherapists up and down the UK in the hope that this could be the best treatment on the market for musculoskeletal low back pain.

The advantages for accredited physiotherapists include:

  • Being able to offer patients a new solution to MSK low back pain
  • Attracting new business as patients begin to hear about and request Pelvipro treatment
  • Helping patients to help themselves
  • Raising their profile by being at the forefront of Pelvipro treatment

Physiotherapists can register online to become accredited Pelvipro physiotherapists or to find out more by clicking here.

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