Pelvipro results to date

These results are based on data gathered from patients trialled:

  • 9.5 out of 10 was the average level of satisfaction our patients gave for their lower back treatment using Pelvipro

  • Pelvipro has been 100% successful in gaining symmetry of the Gillet’s test (a widely used test to asses lower back pain)

  • 95% experienced an instant relief from pain directly after using Pelvipro. On average this happened 69% of all the times they used the device

  • 95% reported a reduction in their levels of stress

  • 95% scored a reduction in their Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire. This is a validated test which discovers how a patient’s back pain affects their activities of daily living

  • 92% said they attributed over half of their improvement to the Pelvipro device

  • 92% were able to increase their levels of activity and take part in activities that they enjoyed doing e.g. sport, walking, gardening etc

  • 90% reported an improvement in their ability to sleep

  • 87% scored a reduction in their pain score measured on a Visual Analogue Scale (VAS)

  • 84% reported a reduction in their levels of fear

  • 74% was the average improvement in overall symptoms scored across all of the patients trialled

We are particularly proud of the results we’ve achieved with our chronic pain patients. These are patients that have had back pain for over 3 months, and usually it can be harder to make an impact on these patients. Please see below the graphs which highlight how much of a positive impact Pelvipro has had on these patients:

The VAS (Visual Analogue Scale) is a scale between 0-10 in which the patient are asked to score their pain with. As you can see from our chronic pain patients graph above, they consistently scored a lower pain after a time of using Pelvipro.

This graph shows the reduction in score of the Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire. This is a validated assessment tool designed to find out how much the back pain is impacting on the patient’s ability to do their activities of daily living. The higher the score the more impact there is. You can also see a similar pattern in the reduction of their score after a time using Pelvipro.

(All of these results are based on the first 38 patients trialled, 18 of which were chronic back pain patients.)

The following results are based on responses to a survey from 61 users of Pelvipro in August 2018:

  • 91.8% said Pelvipro had been effective in helping them manage their back pain

  • 91.67% said they felt they had more control over their back pain

  • Just 3.28% of them said they had experienced adverse effects whilst using Pelvipro.

  • When asked how satisfied they were with their Pelvipro, on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being very satisfied and 1 very dissatisfied):

Pelvipro reviews

The respondents were different ages and had varying degrees of back pain. Some use Pelvipro daily, while others turn to it when they feel a twinge or as a warm up for activity.