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Free Physiotherapy Telephone Consultation

Tell us About Your Pain

Chat to our experienced physiotherapist about your back pain. He will carefully listen to your back pain history and use the information you provide to expertly formulate an action plan, starting you down a pathway to improved back health and pain relief. 

Understanding Your Pain Makes All the Difference 

Having clear knowledge about what is causing your pain, helps you understand why you have pain and more importantly what to do about it. Our physiotherapist is trained to ask specific questions to uncover the possible causes and will simply explain these to you.   

Start Pain Relief Today  

As well as education there are some effective exercises and stretches that can be easily taught via video. There are some big wins that can be made in a short space of time, ensuring you lay the foundations of a healthier lower back. Simply choose a slot that best suits you.   

Book your appointment today! 

We offer this service to compliment the unbelievable results Pelvipro achieves. Purchase of a Pelvipro is not necessary however it does provide the equivalent of hands on physiotherapy that is usually missed via a telephone consultation. Why not take advantage of our 100 days money back guarantee and experience the full benefit of the telephone consultation.