Pilates and Pelvipro: How they work together

Pilates and Pelvipro: How they work together

Free assessment with Clinical Pilates therapist Marion Oakley!

We’ve been working for some time with physiotherapists across the UK who are using Pelvipro to complement the treatment they are giving to their patients.

Now, more and more Pilates professionals are also recognising the benefits that Pelvipro can bring to the people they are working with.

Pilates helps to bring back alignment, correct muscle imbalance and strengthen core muscles. Pelvipro provides the basis on which to do this, and itself realigns the spine and pelvis to put them in an optimal position for further Pilates work in strengthening muscles.

One of the Pilates professionals who loves Pelvipro and has seen for herself the difference it has made to her clients is Marion Oakley. Marion is an advanced fitness instructor who has her own business called Mojo Fitness. She teaches a wide range of classes including Clinical Pilates, as well as working as a one-to-one Pilates therapist. She has a particular interest in helping people with back pain, and has found Pelvipro to be the perfect complement to her work.

She says: “My goal is to help as many people as I can to get free of back pain. Having been a back pain sufferer myself, I know that it affects you not just physically but also emotionally. It can seriously impact on your confidence to do the normal things you take for granted in daily life.

“The Pelvipro helps me as a Clinical Pilates therapist to bring that extra focus to my clients. It’s a fantastic physio tool which is great for stabilising the pelvis. An example of how it helps can be seen in a Clinical Pilates exercise called the Heel Slide. When clients or class members use the Pelvipro alongside this exercise, it has the double benefit of actually bringing the pelvis back into alignment. I would go so far as to say that, if the pelvis isn’t in alignment, this exercise is 50 per cent less effective, especially in terms of pelvic floor engagement. Using Pelvipro when drawing up the pelvic floor when taking the leg up and out, intensifies the contraction and helps the individual to engage. Hence, Pelvipro helps achieve better results!”

Click here to watch a video of Marion demonstrating how she uses Pelvipro to complement Pilates, and how it makes the Heel Slide exercise much more efficient.

Marion Oakley is offering free, no obligation assessments at the MyPhysio clinic in Harrogate. Why not book an appointment to see her to check whether Pelvipro would be suitable for you alongside your Pilates exercises? You’ll also be able to take a device home for a 30-day trial!

Contact Marion to arrange an assessment by emailing marion@perfectpilates.org.uk, or book through the website https://Perfect-pilates1.pilatesnearyou.co.uk or her Facebook page @ MJ Fitness Harrogate.

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