How does this benefit my physiotherapy for back pain patients?

As a physio you will have experienced the patient saying at their next session: “It felt good for 2 days, then the pain came back and I feel like I’m now back to square one.”

Pelvipro allows your patient to maintain an optimum position of their lumbo-pelvic region. We have selected 3 special tests to help the patient maintain symmetry of their spine and pelvis by using Pelvipro at home. Our trials have shown that this makes a big difference to their back symptoms. This means each of your sessions builds on the last, instead of going back and redoing what you did the last time.

There is also a huge psycho-social benefit to enabling your patients to feel in control of their symptoms and their pain.

Why do I need to be accredited?

Pelvipro is a patented tool which is only available to accredited physiotherapists. Accreditation gives you exclusive rights within your area and an opportunity to become the locally-recognised specialist in physiotherapy for back pain. The accreditation process gives everyone confidence that the treatment is being applied consistently.


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Note: We will refer patients only to accredited physiotherapists who have completed a programme of self study and the face-to-face training.