Pelvipro reviews and testimonials: How Pelvipro is helping relieve back pain

Pelvipro reviews and testimonials: How Pelvipro is helping relieve back pain

We understand that people who suffer with back pain have access to a wide range of treatments, and it can be difficult to decide which one to choose. How do you know what will work for you?

One of the best ways of judging the efficacy of a treatment is to read how it has worked for other people, particularly those who have similar back pain to yours. As Pelvipro is a new treatment, we are continually in the process of gathering feedback from users about how it has helped to relieve back pain. Not only does this give potential users confidence in the device, but it also allows us to assess the effectiveness of Pelvipro and our recommendations on how to use it.

As part of our ongoing assessment of how people are using Pelvipro and how effective it is for them, we recently sent a questionnaire to people who currently use the device. Of the 61 back pain sufferers who replied, 91.8% said Pelvipro had been effective in helping them manage their back pain, with 91.67% saying they felt they had more control over their back pain.relieve back pain

When asked how satisfied they were with their Pelvipro, on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being very satisfied and 1 very dissatisfied), 67.21% said 10, with 9.84% choosing 9, 13.11% 8 and 3.28% 7. The respondents were different ages and had varying degrees of back pain. Some use Pelvipro daily, while others turn to it when they feel a twinge or as a warm up for activity.

Pelvipro reviews

We are delighted with the feedback and the knowledge that Pelvipro is genuinely helping people to take control of their back pain.relieve back pain

However, it was actually the less positive responses that we found the most interesting as these show us the areas that need improving. Having invented the product with the aim of helping as many people as possible become back pain free, physiotherapist Chris Aldred personally contacted the dissatisfied users to find out more about their experience of using Pelvipro.

What he found was that the prescription of 10 repetitions that we usually recommend was too much for these people. This led him to add a lighter prescription to the guidance on using Pelvipro. It also became clear to him that these users were just using the instruction sheet and not taking advantage of the extra resources such as bespoke advice and exercises available to every user of Pelvipro via their personal profile on the website.

We are addressing the issues raised, and the feedback we’ve received, both from this group of people and others who use Pelvipro, continues to inform our recommendations on using the device.

We are, however, absolutely delighted that the overwhelming majority of people who use Pelvipro are satisfied with the treatment (see chart below). They are experiencing enormous benefits and, in many cases, are feeling better than they have done in a long time.

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