Do you have lower back pain?

Welcome to the Back Fit Tool Kit

This is a completely free, physio lead, back care resource.

The step by step process is designed to achieve lower back rehab, in bite sized chunks. Control of your lower back pain from the comfort of your own home.

Slow and steady, wins the race!

How the process works

We identify the possible cause of your pain

The Back Fit Tool Kit identifies the most likely cause of your back pain and gives you a basic understanding of why it hurt

We discover to what degree back pain has impacted your day to day life

Once we have identified the cause of your pain, we learn about how you have been impacted by back pain and your present capabilities.

We create a tailored rehab programme specifically for you

Understanding the cause of your pain and how this pain effects your day to day life, we tailor you a rehab programme.

We give you the tools to track your progress

We give you the tools to more accurately track your progress. Don't make the common error of using pain relief as your only gauge for improvement.

We teach you the most impactful home massage techniques

Our tutorial teaches you step by step massage techniques, how best to do these and which areas of your body create the best results.

Physiotherapy Lead Back Care

Chris Aldred is a Chartered Physiotherapist and member of the Health and Care Professions Council. With over 20 years experience of treating lower back pain, he has a real depth of knowledge and experience. Chris is well qualified to guide through your step by step Back Fit Tool Kit.

  • Home Assessment

    Chris has compiled an assessment you can perform at home, in order for us to get a hypothesis of the possible cause of your back pain.

  • Videos

    Chris will guide you through the entire process. In a combination of explanation, tutorial and exercise videos.

  • Rehab Programme

    An easy to follow step by step strengthening and stretching programme, which is tailored to your physical abilities.

100% Free of Charge

The Back Fit Tool Kit is a completely free resource

Start Right Now

No waiting for a referral letter, no going on a waiting list. Start this instant.

The Back Fit Tool Kit has been designed to offer you a free resource used in your own time at home.

You may be waiting for an NHS GP or Physio appointment. We completely understand that this can take time. The BFTK equips you here and now with a good foundation of knowledge. Giving you the tools to instantly get started with your lower back rehabilitation


You may be searching to empower yourself further with additional knowledge and arm yourself with more weapons to combat lower back pain.

The Back Fit Tool Kit allows you overcome your lower back pain in very slow and steady steps.