"Activating the correct muscles by putting your pelvis in the correct position, means you are protecting the structures in you lower back that are getting aggravated and causing YOUR BACK PAIN"

Chris Aldred, Inventor of Pelvipro

How It Works

How it works

All forces pass through your lower back

All forces associated with movement of your body pass through the lower back. Your lower back is made up of your lumbar region and your pelvic region. The structures in both of these areas have evolved to deal with these forces, which come from all directions. Being the central point, the pelvis is a good way of controlling the direction of these forces, but in a lot of people the pelvis or the spine can be held in a different position from the “norm”. Forces then start passing through soft tissue rather than more solid structures, like bones, in these areas, which can cause injury to the softer tissue. This can cause back pain and also pain in the legs, hips and buttocks.

Injury causes pain

Ligaments and muscles contain lots of tiny nerve endings. If the forces are misdirected when travelling from your spine to your pelvis through to your hip, and vice versa, injury to these ligaments and muscles can happen and the nerve endings transmit the sensation of pain to your brain.

Muscles stop protecting your lower back

When pain occurs or your body is held in a certain posture, muscles can stop working properly and they weaken. This can lead to further injury because they are not supporting the body in the way that they used to. You’ve heard of your core muscles and how they support your lower back – ironically, when you are in pain, scientific evidence shows it is your core muscles that stop working effectively….go figure! No fear, help is at hand! 

Pelvipro is simple, safe and effective Pelvipro works to redirect the forces acting between your lumbar spine, pelvis and hips, to ensure the correct structures are doing the correct job. Switch off pain and you’ll switch on your stabilising muscles.

Does Pelvipro take away the pain?

For some people – Yes, straightaway. For everyone else – Yes, over time. Pelvipro gives you the control to realign the forces, reducing their effect on tissue and causing inflammation to the body tissue. The effects of inflammation can take a bit of time to resolve, and Pelvipro creates the right environment for this to happen. Buy Pelvipro today – and start taking control of your back pain!

Feel confident and enjoy your life more

Our patients have reported reduced fear and stress about their back pain. They report that they get a better night’s sleep but, above all, they themselves can now take control of their back pain and gain more confidence to do the activities that they love to do. Pelvipro has given them their life back. See for yourselves in the Results to Date section exactly what impact Pelvipro has made to our patients’ lives.

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Any further questions just

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