From Our Expert Physio: How Pelvipro helps you get on with your life

From Our Expert Physio: How Pelvipro helps you get on with your life

By Chris Aldred

As a physiotherapist specialising in musculoskeletal pain, I might be doing myself out of a job by writing this blog. That’s because I’m going to talk about how Pelvipro can help people with back problems take control of their pain all by themselves.

It may sound suspiciously altruistic but enabling people to get on with their lives instead of being hindered by back pain was genuinely the starting point for the development of Pelvipro. I had seen so many patients whose back pain I was helping to relieve – only for it to return in the time between physiotherapy sessions. I thought there must be a way to help my lower back pain patients get on with their lives in between waiting for consultations with myself and other therapists.

What I’d noticed was that at most sessions, the first thing I would do was put my patients ‘back in alignment’. By this, I mean I was making sure that their pelvis was straight and not being pulled to one side or the other, and that the patterns of movement around the lumbo-pelvic-femoral region were correct. This formed the basis of any further treatment; without it, I was unable to continue.

The interesting thing to me was, however, that when I carried out this ‘realignment’ process, often my patients immediately felt some form of pain relief. This occurred in varying degrees depending on the type and severity of their back pain, but it was such a frequent occurrence as to make me take notice. I thought there must be a way of enabling my patients to correct their misalignment themselves, thereby giving them some relief from the pain they were in.

And so, Pelvipro began to take shape. I worked with other physios and business mentors to develop and hone the product, and we carried out tests and trials, gathered and analysed results, and collated testimonials. It has been a revelatory and life-affirming experience. The difference it has made to the lives of people who have used Pelvipro cannot be under-exaggerated.

One of the most interesting things for me were the unforeseen benefits that emerged during our trials of Pelvipro. I knew patients would find it helpful to be able to control their pain on their own, whether at home, at work or when access to other therapies was difficult. A surprising number of our trial patients even took their Pelvipro with them on holiday! But what I didn’t expect was how marked the psychological benefits would be from the patients feeling that they were finally in control of their pain.

The psychological impact of pain have been well documented, and we’ve outlined it in several blogs including ‘Eight reasons why the fear of back pain is stopping you living your life‘ and The hidden effects of back pain. The psychological boost that our trial patients felt in using Pelvipro to manage their pain all by themselves was massive. To some extent, it was not surprising because I knew from my clinical experience realignment had a positive effect. But the fact that sufferers could create this positive effect themselves gave them even more benefit both psychologically and physiologically. Pelvipro enabled them to perceive themselves as being in control of their pain.

Of course, many people suffering with lower back pain may not want to treat it all by themselves. Many of my patients like the reassurance that I, and their other health practitioners, give them. But that’s what’s great about Pelvipro. It can also be used to complement any other therapies that a patient may be pursuing, such as physio, Pilates or chiropractice.

And that’s why, to make reference to my opening line of this blog, I don’t really think Pelvipro is doing myself – or any other therapists – out of a job. I think many people will still want to visit us for that expert input and treatment. But using Pelvipro means that back pain sufferers are creating the right environment in their bodies beforehand, so that we can carry out our treatment more effectively.

Above all, Pelvipro is another resource in enabling people with lower back issues to take control of their pain and return to doing all the things that make their lives enjoyable. And that, after all, is what we’re all aiming to achieve, isn’t it?

From Our Expert Physio’ is a series of blogs by physiotherapist and Pelvipro inventor Chris Aldred.

Chris has his own physiotherapy practice in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Read more about his background here.

Chris also works alongside 20 other physiotherapists in a network throughout the UK who use Pelvipro to complement physiotherapy in back pain patients. He is always on the lookout for therapists and trainers who can teach people with lower back pain how to most effectively use Pelvipro. If you are interested please get in touch.

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