Appointment 2: strengthening muscles to reduce back pain

Appointment 2: strengthening muscles to reduce back pain

Company director Victoria Helmore has been using Pelvipro to treat lower back pain. In the second of her blogs, she explains her progress since her initial appointment (click here to read the first blog) and begins the next steps in her treatment.


My second appointment with Chris went very well. He again checked the position of my pelvis and confirmed everything was as it should be two weeks on from my first appointment – all thanks to using the Pelvipro every day.

This appointment was an opportunity to look at further strengthening my joints and muscles to keep everything in line in the future.

Using a few exercises, Chris was able to see that, although my abdominal muscles are fairly strong, they’re not engaging when I move in the way they should be for optimum stability. I’ve also got some tightness in my ITB on one side, and scar tissue around my back from wear and tear over the years.

All of this is related to my lower back problems: with my core not working properly, there isn’t sufficient support when I move, so my back is taking more of the load than it should be.

Reduce back pain with strengthening exercises

A few new exercises were introduced to further improve my muscle strength and take the pressure off my back. Once again, videos of the exercises were added to my client profile on the Pelvipro website so I can log in and check I’m doing them correctly over the next few weeks.

Chris recommended going down to one use of the Pelvipro each day from now on, with a view to reducing it further after a week. In future, I’ll be able to cut down to just using the Pelvipro as and when I feel that old ache in my back. He suggested using it at least once a week just to stop things moving back out of line, combined with continuing those strengthening exercises to ensure my core is engaged when it’s needed.

Since starting use of the Pelvipro just over two weeks ago, I’ve had no lower back pain. I’ve realised I was almost expecting that achiness most days, and especially at the end of a long week, but it’s just not there. I feel more comfortable at work, as well as when seeing friends, getting out and about, and doing things around the house. It’s such a relief not to have to worry about that nagging pain all the time.

I’m due to see Chris again in four weeks’ time to check on my progress with the exercises and reducing my use of the Pelvipro.

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