Appointment 1: Introducing the Pelvipro effective treatment for lower back pain

Appointment 1: Introducing the Pelvipro effective treatment for lower back pain

Company director Victoria Helmore documents her experience of using Pelvipro as an effective treatment for lower back pain. In the first of three blogs, she outlines her initial consultation.


I’ve had a few problems with my lower back over the years.

I spend most of my working life sitting at a desk or in long meetings. From time to time, my lower back really aches. I’m fortunate that it’s never been so bad that it disrupts my life, but as it started in my late 20s I was aware it was likely to get worse as I age.

When I heard about Pelvipro, I wanted to find out more. The results that it had produced for other people looked really promising – clearly there was evidence to back up the promises it made.

I’m lucky enough to live close to physio Chris Aldred, who invented the Pelvipro device. I booked an appointment to see whether it might be a suitable treatment for my problems. He carried out an initial assessment and confirmed that it could help me.

Naturally, I was apprehensive about using a new device and whether it might be painful or uncomfortable. I needn’t have worried.

The process of using the Pelvipro for the first time seemed incredibly simple: Chris showed me how to position it correctly, and how to move my legs to allow it to adjust my position.

Effective treatment for lower back pain

Incredibly, we saw instant results on the day. Chris’s initial assessment had shown asymmetrical  movement in my pelvis, with one leg moving further and more freely than the other. As soon as I’d used the Pelvipro, this had improved dramatically and both legs were moving as they should.

I took the Pelvipro away with instructions from Chris on its use. For the first fortnight, I was told to use it twice a day to ensure everything remained in the correct position. Meanwhile, I had several exercises to do every day to build strength and encourage my joints to maintain the correct position when I reduced use of the Pelvipro.

At home, I was also able to log in to the Pelvipro website where Chris had given me a video to watch showing the correct way to use the device. After a few days, it was really useful to have these clear instructions to hand to make sure I wasn’t going wrong and remind me of exactly where to position it.

I was also surprised by how little time it took to use the Pelvipro and complete the other exercises. A few minutes each morning and evening were all I needed, and I could do them at home on the living room floor.

A week in, I’ve not had any of my usual back pain and I’m finding it easy to use the Pelvipro twice a day. I’m due to go back to see Chris in another week, so we’ll see what he thinks of my progress.

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